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Guidelines and resource manual on preventing MSDs


On International Repetitive Strain Awareness Day (Feb. 28, 2007), Ontario’s health and safety network released two documents on Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs): the MSD Prevention Guideline for Ontario and the associated Resource Manual.


MSDs are usually caused by repetitive movements, force, awkward postures or fixed positions. They tend to develop over time and are not typically the result of an instantaneous event, such as a slip or fall. While they can occur in all types of workplaces, workers who perform repetitive, physical tasks often face a higher risk of developing and MSD. Construction workers are certainly part of this higher-risk category.


According to the provincial Minister of Labour, Steve Peters, MSDs constitute the number-one reason for lost-time injury claims reported to the WSIB.


“Repetitive strain injuries may not be life-ending, but they can be painfully life altering,” Peters said at the launch event at Ryerson University.


The MSD Prevention Guideline provides information on MSDs and a framework for prevention, while the Resource Manual helps workplace parties implement specific processes and standards in the workplace.


Based on ergonomic principles, these documents helps workers and employers recognize MSD hazards, assess risks and develop solutions.


Ontario construction’s labour-management network, in collaboration with CSAO, is currently developing trade-specific ergonomic profiles for the construction industry. These profile will identify risk factors and best practices for different types of work.


Visit to download copies of the Prevention Guideline and Resource Manual.


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