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MCA Toronto Annual General Meeting a Success PDF Print E-mail

The 43rd MCA Toronto Annual General Meeting was a great success with 180 contractors and associate members attending.  It is my sincere hope that this event will continue to be a favourite of our members and that it will evolve into a platform for discussing the pressing industry issues that continue to affect us all.

MCA Toronto was delighted to have our industry partners and their spouses attend the AGM.  Among those in attendance were Mr. Neil McCormick, Business Manager of the Ontario Pipe Trades Council and his wife Gerri; Mr. Steve Morrison, past chair of the OPTC Bargaining Unit and Business Manager of Local 527, Kitchener, Ont., and his wife Donna; Mr. Jim Hogarth, Business Manager of Local 46, Toronto and his wife Joan; and Mr. Larry Cann, Business Manager of Local 463, Oshawa and his wife Susan.  The various mechanical contractors’ associations must continue to work co-operatively with our industry partners in order to forge comprehensive strategies for meeting future issues like labour shortages and competitiveness against non-union labour in order to secure a bright future for all involved.

The Sheraton on the Falls was an excellent venue which provided splendid Ontario fall weather combined with access to many famous attractions. The AGM began with the optional Golf Day held on Fri. Sep. 22, which was organized by the MCAT Associates Committee.  The World Pool Course gave 60 golfers a great opportunity to bask in the beautiful scenery of the Niagara region and enjoy the camaraderie of business partners and friends.

The opening reception and dinner was held at the Hernder Winery after a unique Double Decker bus ride through the Winery Region. All attending enjoyed a casual evening of music and fun followed by an excellent dinner.

On Saturday morning, following the AGM, our guest speaker from the MCA of Louisiana, Mr. Henry Heier, gave conference attendees a very detailed overview of what had transpired from the time Hurricane Katrina ravaged the New Orleans area.  As part of his presentation Mr. Heier also displayed a video from three individuals whose lives were severely affected by the disaster.  The video offered a sincere thank you from those who received assistance from MCA Toronto, MCA Ontario and MCA Canada in their time of need.  On behalf of MCA Toronto I would like to thank Henry for all his hard work and dedication in preparing the presentation and we wish the best to all those still struggling to reclaim their lives in the New Orleans area.

The Saturday afternoon barbeque was held in a private section of the Hard Rock Café overlooking the Falls. After lunch the conference attendees were entertained by the Warren Stirtzinger Band with a very special guest appearance by Mr. Steve Coleman of MCA Ontario on guitar, Mr. Glen Kellaway of Crane Supply on banjo and Mr. Adrien Pilon of Emco Corporation on guitar. When the three gentlemen took to the stage the crowd was delighted as the band now grew to seven, and many old and new music hits were sung. Thanks guys for being good sports!

On Saturday evening I had the pleasure of recognizing the achievements of some of our members with the presentation of the MCA Toronto Safety Awards.  The Safety Awards are based on the current year’s manhours reported to MCA Toronto, safety performance in relation to lost time injuries, a Safety Policy and Program procedure checklist, and a job-site inspection performed by the Canadian Safety Association of Ontario (CSAO).  I would like to thank Mr. Mike Duffy of CSAO for overseeing and organizing the Safety Award Program.

The contractors are divided into three categories:

  1. Catgeory I – 50,001 manhours and over
  2. Category II – 15,001 to 50,000 manhours
  3. Category III – One to 15,000 manhours

This year’s Safety Award recipients were the following:

  1. Category I – Pipeall Plumbing & Heating
  2. Catgeory II – McWatters Mechanical
  3. Catgeory III – GTA Mechanical

Congratulations to the winners, keep it up, and thank you to all those who participated in this year’s program.

As I begin my second year as president, I am looking forward to working with all related stakeholders to help make the MCA of Toronto a vibrant and forward-thinking organization – a tool and resource for all members; a trusted and dedicated partner for our friends throughout the industry; and a beacon of honesty, integrity, and leadership throughout the construction industry.

I look forward to working towards this goal with all of you!


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